Laptop HDD Replacement Choice

Hey Guys, just trying to get some info.

I need to change a HDD in a Vaio VGN-N130G

The system came originally with a 80GB with a 1.6GHz processor

I ve narrowed down the HDD to the following 2: ( to be honest mostly due to budged restraints!!)

Western Digital Scorpio Blue (WD1600BEVT) 160GB SATA 5400 RPM 8MB or

Seagate ST980813ASG Momentus 7200.2 Mobile Hard Drive - 80GB, 2.5", 7200RPM, 8MB, SATA-300

Now space considerations wise...I believe an 80GB would serve the purpose of the use of the computer more than adequately.....if so would u say the performance benefits of the seagate being a 7200rpm drive would be more advantageous...

or would the 7200 be more of a drain or create issues with cooling, resources etc..

many thanks for your time and view points on the issue..

7200 rpm is going to run hotter and IMO not give you much of a performance gain over the 160GB. Since the 160GB is bigger it will have denser platters (should anyway) so even though it's 5400 rpm it should be close to as fast as the 7200 rpm drive.

If you need to replace it always get bigger then you think you need.

Seagate Monmentus 500GB 7400rpm

I just, 5 days ago, had to replace my Seagate 160, 5400rpm internal drive due to failure. I replaced it with the Seagate Monmentus 500GB - 7400rpm drive and it is much faster and very quiet compared to my old drive. I read a lot of articles about this drive and while a lot of people have problems with it in MAC's, my PC-Toshiba works just fine!


Many thanks for taking the time to respond guys and the helpful info. Its much appreciated.

Best regards

I'm sure in a benchmark the 7200 would run hotter but in terms of effective performance the 7200 is going to have to do so much less work to achieve the same results as the 5400 rpm drive. This won't always be the case but I've seen boot time cut in half by a 7200 rpm drive - so maybe it uses a bit more power to do so but you're using it much less therefore overall you're probably going to use less power with the more powerful but more efficient drive. Everything is going to be more responsive with the faster drive. I personally can't stand systems with anything less than a 7200 rpm drive. With how cheap external storage devices are I'd sacrifice internal storage space for speed any day.

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