NEWS Lara Logan shoots story on Ebola in Liberia, forgets to interview Africans, gets 'self-quarantined'

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    CBS News reporter Lara Logan made waves after going to Liberia to film a story on the Ebola epidemic but not interviewing a single Liberian, who were ignored for American experts.
    Despite not contacting any Ebola patients, Logan and her crew "self-quarantined" themselves in a luxury hotel in South Africa. Neither the reporter nor the four other quarantined CBS employees have shown any symptoms of Ebola, the deadly virus that has killed nearly 5,000 people in West Africa.
    "We wanted to try, as much as possible, to minimize our exposure to anybody while we still had to get our piece done," Logan said in a web interview with ‘60 Minutes Overtime’. "We were very mindful of the fact that this 21-day period after you've been in an Ebola-affected country is very important to everyone

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