Letters turn into numbers

This is a problem that has been going on for a while, and I have tried everything I know as to how to fix it, looking for outside help.

In every single game that I run, I run into this issue. When I type in keys, such as "hello" (for example), in game, it will turn up as "43427" (shift, ctrl, enter, any other special keys don't apply, only letters and numbers). If I press a key numerous times, such as "r" for example, it comes up as: "234567890123" etc.

This will occur any time any game is run normally.
This issue is nearly always avoided if I specifically right click and run it as an administrator, even though I am an administrator on this comp, and the only one.

When the issue does occur, alt-tabing out of and back into the window will get rid of it, however, doing so several times will bring the issue back, a few more, and it goes away again. BUT... if the program was not ran as an administrator, this will have no effect on solving the problem.

-I do NOT have multiple languages installed. (besides, this happens for numbers too)
-I have ran numerous virus scans, all clean.
-I have restarted my computer and all programs numerous times, no effect.
-This occurs for all gaming type programs, not just some.
-This issue also used to occur in the log-in screen (the password was being registered as a bunch of numbers, thus not letting me log in), but one day I woke up and it worked perfectly without me doing anything. o_O
-This issue was previously mentioned here: http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-support/52302-letters-turn-numbers.html but no working responses were given.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


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my first though would be if your have a laptop that the Fn key have been pressed as many laptops have the Fn and that sets up the numpad into the middle of the keyboard. If it's not a laptop, try a different keyboard, could be faulty.

Yes, that was a conclusion of mine as well; however, I have tried pressing the fn / numlk keys and it does turn num lock on and off but has no effect on this. The number keys are in the middle of the keyboard, but all keys from 1 to +, a to ", q to ], and z to / are effected.

This is a laptop btw, should have mentioned it.


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if it's being activated randomly it could be a jokeware, seen prank apps that mess ya keys and mouse, but unlikely unless you let some teenager mess with the laptop unsupervised. Maybe check the language and keyboard settings are correct, also nothing on the disability section is auto launching on keyboard combos.

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