Windows 7 License extenstion W7 -- results All versions 7000/7022


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Hi guys
Here's the results of the License extension tests.
(Build 700 32 / 64 bit versions, Build 7022 32 bit version).

It actually doesn't work -- on say 27 July you can "extend" for another 30 days -- but even if you "Activate" windows, on 2 Aug you get message "This Copy of Windows is not Genuine" and all programs are shown on a black background.

So guys it looks like Aug 1 is your lot.

You can still run stuff however so you can run a restore (although you can always restore from bootable media).

If you DON'T use the slmgr -rearm command then Windows appears to continue working (you don't get the black background etc) but the watermark at the right hand bottom of the screen adds a line "This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine".

In all other respects it appears to continue function normally so provided you don't attempt any Updates you probably can continue to use it for a while.

So DON'T attempt to extend it via slmgr -rearm command.

Note that the Jul 1 expiry screen shown is actually incorrect. The date it expires is actually sometime on Aug 1.

I suspect there'll be other builds before then which *might* be "hackable".

Hopefully the Final version will be released by then which means none of this will matter.. ;) I really don't see why people are freeking out about it so much either.. I mean even if the final version of 7 doesn't surface until next year why the hell would you want to crack a BETA version of something anyway... really.. If Win 7 final isn't out by the time the beta expires I for one will simply use XP and Vista until the final IS released.. I'm not going to waste my time trying to crack a BETA version of an OS... hahaha. It was never intended to be a long term solution... it's for testing purposes.. ;)
Hi guys -- just thought I'd try an experiment -- didn't cost me too much time --I've enough machines on my network to play with this stuff.

I'm prepared also for any eventuallity -- I have a VISTA X-64 Ultimate test machine image (not a spare "physical machine BTW) which I just apply updates to so that when I eventually get a retail version of W7 I'll be able to upgrade easily enough when the time comes. However if there is any gap between the end of Beta W7 and the final I'll just "keep on truckin" with XP.