Linux will stop working in 2038


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On January 19, 2038, UNIX-based programs and UNIX-like operating systems will run out of time. To be more precise, at 3:14:07 GMT, UNIX will be exactly 1 billion seconds old. Many see this as a milestone, but from a technical point of view, this can mean disaster for computer programs and systems around the world.

UNIX keeps track of time in a 4-byte integer that represents the number of seconds after January 1, 1970 12:00:00.
For example, a time of 60 represents the date January 1, 1970 12:01:00. A 4-byte integer has a maximum value of 2,146,483,547. This time (known as maximum time) corresponds exactly to January 19, 2038 3:14:07. This explains why UNIX programs in large, were pretty much unaffected by the Y2K bug - since it kept track of time in units of seconds. However, its own version of Y2K will occur a second past the maximum time.

QUICK!! Everyone go back to windows before it's too late! :p
Lol, this doesn't affect 64 bit systems, but if there is a 32 bit system at a nuclear power plant...

So,say no to nuclear power plants with unix or next thing you'll remember is waking up in a area called ''the zone'',and your best friend will be highli
if your unlucky enough to wake up in that situation but what a cool thing to have an immunity to radiation lol either that or waking up and having super powers lol
Lol, just hope that the Link Removed - Invalid URL come and grow to 40,000 their original size. :p
I don't use Linux. So I am safe. I don't think it is going to be a big deal though.
Remember Y2K and all the hype. Well, nothing really happened.
Well, about Y2K, it was they way that most apps worked. Once they were updated, the problem was fixed. As for the *nix Y2K38 problem, it's a kernel problem, which is the problem. Now, this will not affect modern installations by then people will be using 64 bit systems, but there might be some 32 bit subsystems and there is the problem.
I think that by 2038, we'll be on 1 kilobit systems. haha
We won't have to worry about this at all.
LOL! UNIX systems are also common use on servers too, we might have problems communication in 2038, Airplanes might just crash or collide with another planes, and the worst is that NUCLEAR POWER PLANT!!! just might out of control and might the same on Chernobyl accident....
yet this might happen when they not switch all to 64-bit systems.

I think older macs also affected cuz looks they use UNIX too, except Leopard which is already 64bit...Windows not, yet by that time we might use Windows 11 or ;)

QUICK!! Everyone go back to windows before it's too late! :p

Is this a joke? Linux will honestly stop working by that time? I just can't see that being true, or at least if it is true than I can't see them not having a fix by that time... I use Ubuntu 8.04, Kubuntu 8.04 and Xubuntu.. hopefully this problem is fixed by that date.. hahaha ;)
If you run the 32bit version, yes it's true. The website I linked to explains how it works. Now, if you run 64bit, then it will work for a lot longer.
If you run the 32bit version, yes it's true. The website I linked to explains how it works. Now, if you run 64bit, then it will work for a lot longer.

I apologize Matt if this is a repeated question, but I couldn't find the article about this on the link you posted so I'll ask.. Is this true for ALL 32 bit builds of Linux or just for certain variations?

Also, do ya suppose they did that purposely? Why else would an OS just stop working in such a random year like 2038???
No, it's because UXIN counts time in seconds since 1970. In 2038, they will run out of seconds using 32 bits, which will make it go back to 0, or 1970. So it's all uxin OSes that would have this issue, unless they are 64bit.

And here is the link: Link Removed - Invalid URL
Ok I get it now, I had to stop and think about that for a sec, ;) Well good thing I have Ubuntu LTS 8.04 64 Bit Edition then.. Hopefully that will last a little bit longer.
I wll be on "Daisy Duty"

I will be pushing up daisy's by 2038, so I will not worry about this issue.
Talk about a useless scare.
Talking about something that will happen in 30 years, when we all know that none of the computer systems in use today will be around in 30 years.

How many 1978 computers are still in use today?