Windows 7 List of working game - W7 (64 bit)


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Dawn of War 2 :Chaos Rising [Working]

ARMA 2 [NOT Working]
Assasin Creed 2[NOT Working]
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising [NOT Working]

(if anyone knows that one of the [NOT Working] games, works, please inform me... cause I am very sad with my new PC!!!)



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I get the feeling this thread was retired after the official launch of windows 7, in the last year its been seen that even on the latest updated edition there a lot of variation in what will and won't run which has more to do with drivers than the games themselves, for example all the above work on my rig.


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As long as your problem is concerned I suggest diagnosing the problem with the help of System File Checker, Windows Memory Diagnostic and System Restore. You just follow the steps given below and check if the problem still persists. Download hotfix if the problem still persists.

Defragment Hard Disk:

1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.

2. Select all disk drives for defragmentation.

3. Click Defragment Drives button.

4. The process may take a few hours depending upon the actual fragmentation.

Disable Antivirus and Security Program:

1. Right click the Taskbar icon of your Antivirus software.

2. Select Realtime Protection | Off.