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The current pair set up nest in October 2013.
  • The largest brood of eggs we’ve seen is nine. The world record is 14.
  • The box is one of 335 being put up across Somerset to increase the numbers of breeding barn owls as part of the Somerset Community barn owl Project.
  • We still need to get about 60 nest boxes up and the list of parishes is here.
  • The box is situated on private land in east Somerset. We are watching the nest site but won’t be intervening.
  • We think this is a young pair - could be first time parents.
  • Our webcam bloggers have named the parents Boris and Brenda. The owlets have also been named by our bloggers.
  • 1st egg laid 22nd March, hatched 23rd April (Bard)
  • 2nd egg laid 26th March, hatched 26th April (Barnie)
  • 3rd egg laid 28th March, hatched 28th April (Beaky)
  • 4th egg laid 31st March, hatched 1 May (Bobbie)
  • 5th egg laid 2nd April, hatched 3 May (Beau)
  • 6th egg laid 5th April, hatched 5 May (Bellatrix)
  • 7th egg laid 7th April
  • Eggs usually hatch after 31 days (plus or minus one day either side).

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