Windows 7 Live Mesh + 7


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May 7, 2007
Well, remember the video that I posted a few months ago about Software + Services? Well, I would say that Mesh could be part of the Services that intergrates with Windows 7.

For more on Mesh:
Well, this services is cool & would be very useful to us. e.g. I can upload my files to Live Desktop or with my local PC desktop with 5GB of storage(hope it will grow larger soon as 30GB or more that it can be use as internet cloud backup) and I can use my laptop to sync my files needed even km. away from home.
Imagine this will be our future and it would be very integrated to Windows 7...

I'm now on the waiting list now...hehe... :p
Yeah, I've been on the waiting list for around a week. I sure would like it, I can sync my desktop and laptop, and access my files on a friends PC, or Mac.
Mesh seems to be using the new RDP that Microsoft will be using in Windows 7 possibly a beta platform? Mesh is awesome, I think it would be great for it to incorperated with W7.
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