Logitech QuickCam


I've just installed a fresh copy of the windows 7 RC and i am currently installing all my programs again.

So, ive just installed my logitech webcam (s5500) with the Logitech QuickCam.
Now, the problem is, the program itself is installed etc, but, if i click on the webcamlogo in QuickCam to see myself
its telling me this;

And I am 100% sure, there aint a program that is using my webcam..

Why is this ? And what can i do to solve this, because i realy use my webcam a lot every day..

Grts, Gregg

Some help would be nice, i use my webcam for work etc.

grts, Gregg


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All I can say is I also a logitech webcam and I have not been able to get it to work with Windows 7 and the logitech qc1150 software. However, I also own a copy of Super Webcam Recorder which does work with the Logitech Webcam driver and Windows 7. However, Super Webcam Recorder is not cheap.

quickcam ultra visioon works

I installed the driver for my logitech cam by using the compatability thing, and telling it it had worked with windows vista sp1 (which I had never used) and it works fine.


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