low mic volume

Greetings all,

Here is my config:
core i7 965
12Gig DDR3 Corsair Dominator
Dual 4870x2 graphics
X-Fi Titanium sound card
3x 32G Samsung SSD (raid 0)
Win7 RC 64Bit

I have been having very strange sound issues since trying out win7.
1) after reboot, settings in Creative console dont stay as they were, I use surround sound headphones, and it defaults to 2.1, and the mic switches back to digital in.
2) I cannot get good volume out of my mic, and I can't find the +gain anywhere.
3) seams like the volume either drops by 50% or increases by 50% when I launch into game and have ventrilo running for comms.

Anyone else out there using Creative x-fi with win7? Seeing these issues?

I have a similar setup to yours. I am running a XFI titanium in 64bit windows 7. I just started using it and have been using the daniel k drivers linked from the creative forums. So far no major problems other thing no mic boost and mic FX settings dont seem to be working.

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