Ususally once a day, i get a msg from the solution center telling me that i need to do a system tune-up. I do the system tune-up and it says that there arent any problems and offers to do another tune-up as admin. i say yes and it still doesnt come up with a problem. anyone else having this problem.....any solutions?


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I think you have installed Windows One care?
I am not familiar with the program and won't be using it,as its ability, at the moment, is in some doubt. but maybe if you open it there will be a function there to swith off all or some messages?
By the way, if you are using it, see here:
Microsoft to kill off Windows Live OneCare next year (Updated)

yea,I,too am getting these now. I don.t consder it a problem per se,and I don't have one care installed.


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I disabled mine through the solution centre.

yea I dont have one care, but i fixed it by disabling it =]


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I can see I have turned off all my Diagnostic policy services at installation. Maybe it also works through that?

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