Making XP dominate Operating Syntem - Help!

Alright. I have two hard drives, C and Y.

I installed Windows 7 on hard drive Y, and XP is on C.

I want to boot and have the choice between booting between the two operating systems, but when I boot I only have the choice of Windows Recovery (Which doesn't work) and Windows XP Home.

If I have hard drive Y plugged in, it automatically goes to Windows 7 without asking. To get to XP, I have to unplug Y.

Thanks for your time and effort!


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use easybcd to tweak the bootloader to make it so you can boot to both Os's

Alright, I installed EasyBCD and set the setting to what I thought would work, but it didn't. I tried to boot XP, and the system just restarts.

Here's a screenshot of BCD -

Ok, I'm not sure what I did but the bootloader no longer shows up and it says 'ntloader is missing'.

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