March 30, 2018 - Forum Update!

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Well, it has been quite some time since I have followed up here to discuss with you what is going on with the forum. Today, we have introduced some new features, for the first time in awhile:

You can now deactivate your account or reactivate it at any time.
You can now change the color of your name under Account details.
You can now login or register through Amazon, Twitch, Discord, LinkedIn, GitHub, or Reddit (in addition to previous options).
You can now decide who can view your profile statistics under your privacy options.

Since my (and our) last forum announcement, many drastic updates have been made to improve the forum, the website responsiveness, database, site search engine, and many other numerous updates which are too many to mention, but primarily bug fixes.

To add some caveats, other additional features are being researched to improve the forum experience. And they are coming soon! Hope you enjoy!
An issue regarding malformed headers that may have prevented logging in SHOULD BE fixed.
If you were unable to reach the website recently, this was due to an unexpected, but necessary DNS change!
The website was rebooted for a system wide update right now. We are back online. Enjoy!
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