Windows 7 Math Input Panel a Joke?


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I was rather excited when I learned about Windows 7's Math Input Panel, but now that I've actually tried to use it it seems to me that it's more of a gimmick than a genuinely useful tool. I understand that it represents equations in MathML, but it does not want to paste the raw MathML markup into my text editors. Apparently Word (of course) supports it, but Word isn't exactly the standard in typesetting. Ideally I'd want to use the Math Input Panel as a handy way of writing equations for use in LaTeX, and although I can find utilities that purport to convert MathML to LaTeX, it does me no good if I can't paste the MathML markup!

Does anyone here have any suggestions as to how I can get any use out of this feature in Windows 7?
Best solution I've seen.

On another forum where I asked this question, I was kindly directed to a helpful piece of software that solves this problem pretty handily. If there's anyone out there like me who wants to use the MIP as an input for their LaTeX docs, this might be of interest to you as well. It's at, and while the software is currently in beta, it seems to do the trick for me pretty well.
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