Windows 7 Matlab not working in windows 7


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Hi, I recently installed Matlab on windows 7. There were no problems during the installation process. When I tried to run the application however, it freezes at the opening screen (with the Matlab logo and the license information). After a while, I get the message that the application is no longer responding..

I tried runnning it in the Classic mode as well.. but I get the same result.. Can anyone help me out to run Matlab on Win 7? Thanks in advance..
You should try using newer version,if it's possible the newest,if not try to install the newest version which is available to you.
problem with running of matlab

i have installed recently the latest version matlab7.4 there was no problem during the installation process
but while attempting to run an error message obtained as

java.awt.container.validatetree(unknown source):(

so please suggest me the solution to run matlab without any problems
matlab not working..

i have installed matlab 7 in my windows 7 O.S...the installation was completed successfully but it is not shows the following messages when i start it..
1)warning:could not open read file classpath.txt
2)warning:could not read file librarypath.txt
3)warning:class com/mathworks/jmi/NativeMatlab not found--unable to register native methods.
4)Runtime error!
program D:\bin\win32\MATLAB.exe
this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

the above warnings nd errors were coming and matlab doesnot start...please help:(
its very imp...
if you can change your computer's theme, problem will not be.but you should use to original windows 7 themes.
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Or install Matlab on XP mode like I did (only if you have Win7 Ultimate or Professional). Runs without any problems.
Re: problem with running of matlab

first change the normal windows 7 theme to windows classic theme then open the matlab application...