Windows 7 Media Player Question


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Hi. I recently purchased a WD Live TV Hub. To my chagrin, I am discovering that in order to use the Media Library option on the hub, I am needing to go into the library in Windows Media Player on my PC and do some serious housecleaning. Currently I use iTunes as a music player on my PC. Any tweaking in the past in regards to title, artist name, and album I have done in iTunes, but I am discovering that the WMP doesn't read that info, but the actual file info. This isn't a real big deal, as while it will take time I can tweak what I want in WMP. Videos aren't a big issue, but photos are a different story. The way I have my photos stored on my PC are about 30 folders with in a larger photo folder. Each of the sub folders is named (subject, time of year, etc.) and within each are anywhere from a dozen or so to hundreds of pics. Right now WMP is dividing photos up by date the photo was taken. Is there any way to get WMP to divide them up by folder name like I have them on my D:drive? Or, perhaps, can I create a folder in WMP and drag pics into it? If so, I could do this for each sub folder. I tried opening one folder and renaming each photo the name of the folder (Fall 2011) in properties. In WMP it simple divided them by F (I guess for the first letter in Fall). Any ideas? Thanks for any help.