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Windows 7 Memory upgrade


New Member
May 11, 2009
Hi all,
I currently have a Dell xps 410 desktop machine with 2GB's 677mhz ram installed. I just ordered myself a 4gb 800 mhz ram from play.com. I'm running the latest Windows 7 Release Candidate and the machine is already pretty snappy and fast in every respect but i was wondering if anyone else recently upgraded their ram to the above specs and what type of performance increase was noticed if any at all?

Also the dell xps 410 comes with a standard 375 watt psu. I'm tempted to order the new ATI HD4770 that was released today but I believe it requires a 450 watt psu. Do you think the 375 would be suffient enough to power the card or would it be 'dangerous' to attempt it?

I would not try to put that card in with a 375 PSU. Of course it also depends on what processor you have and fans. However, even with a low wattage processor, you could still run into an issue if you run your computer full load and all the components are sucking that power up. I would recommend a new power supply, about 50.00 US dollars for 450W. You might be able to even get a green 80+ power supply.

To summarize, I would not run a 4770 with only 375W power supply.