Messenger Live Remote Assistance causes WLM to disconnect

I am trying to use WLM RA to connect to another W7 PC. Occasionally it works OK but usually when I accept the invite WLM disconnects me and brings up a box telling me it will reconnect in X seconds.
If I keeping getting the other PC to send invites it might eventually work but it may take 50+ attempts, sometimes I just give up.

Any ideas ??


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use Teamviewer, its better, has far more features and its smoother on the bandwidth, oh and free


Excellent many thanks, I was trying to avoid anything that needed installation on the remote PC cos getting my 89 year dad to click on "ask for remote assistance" in WLM is hard enough and anything further is impossible.
But Teamviewer quickconnect is perfect a couple of clicks to install and that's it. Perfect.


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yea, its really good, even has a option to allow secure and permanent access to designated machine so you dont even need to ask for the client side to do anything.

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