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Windows 8 Metro Menu


New Member
Feb 16, 2013
Made for Windows 8, in VB.NET, Metro Menu is designed to function in a non-invasive means. While it does mean you do have to do a small amount to get it to work, you can easily play around with it without fear of playing around with Windows.

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It's quite simple. You download the program, stick it anywhere you like, right click it, click "Pin To Taskbar", and that's it! From there, you can simulate your loved start menu, without removing the charms should you want it. It's designed to fit in, yet actually function intuitively.

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Nice to see people working to make improvements to existing programs. But this one? To try it, I downloaded and installed. I just couldn't get the point of it, I'm afraid. I have all theose available functions by a much more discrete method. This one just seemed to clutter things up a little more??