Microsoft account problem on start up


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For a long time now when I start up I get a warning in the notifications popup that "Microsoft account Problem. (Your password has probably been changed). select here to fix it in the shared experiences setting" I then have to enter the same code as I had to use for being allowed to enter the started win 10.
This problem has been ongoing for some time and is an exasperating waste of time.
Can we have the account verified at entering the value at start up and hence get round it. I am the only person using the computer and it is therefore a wasted effort and a thorn in my side!
Regards. Old Whatsisname


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Thanks for the reply Dave67, on the right track.
Using Option 1; I cannot find "Let apps on my other devices open apps and continue experiences on this device from on to off".
Using Option 2; "Email & Accounts> Accounts used by other apps" shows my e address with " Microsoft account All Apps can sign me in" I have no remove button on option 2, only a "Manage" option that takes me eventualy ,chasing manage options, to Sign in to your Microsoft account where I am offered to find my phone and other helpful things.
I am retecent going further including option 3, I have been bitten by making wrong changes involving Microsoft account, ultimately involving arbitration as to my identity. A hassle beyond perhaps resurecting.

Any other Ideas to get the Option 2 remove button?

Using auto updated Win 10 20H2 OS build 19042.985 Experience pack 120.2212.2020.0.
and, incidentaly, Mozila Thunderbird e mail app.


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Just a sudden thought for the pot. What happened to the Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter?
I cannot see it on the list under troubleshoot> additional troubleshooters.
Is it incorporated into one of the listed ones?
Where is it? Would it be sensible to use, if found, on 20H2 eg If Mic Acc's troubleshooter is outdated/removed


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Lets Check your update history by searching for windows update select check for updates. scroll down to view update history make sure all installed successfully in the last moth or so. If not this let me know. The MS troubleshooter I send was a link from MS forum. There should be a option on the left panel called troubleshoot.

Myself I never used my email as a login for win10. I created a admin account with password. I only use my MS account for apps from the apps store but rarely. My system never successfully updated back with 1904 build and I was not aware. I had thumb nail issues for mp3 and mp4 files due to that when 2004 was released all was successful.


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Have you tried to change your accounts-password at: (click at your username, select change password)
Then you SIGN OUT and log back in using that new password...

And regarding passwords.. check out this "Tips and Trix-page" that gives you a method of creating stronger password that still is easy to remember and to type... Tips ´n trix for Windows 10
Hi WinPro,
Thanks for the reply. Tips n tricks OK, I do that with a foreign language!

I do not record passwords anywhere other than my memory. The trouble with changing my password is running out of memorable passwords as most sites won't let you use an old one to revert to. Wary to find the door shut once over the threshold, is that the case with microsoft account?

I'm not convinced there isn't a way, perhaps ditching my microsoft account might work! Would that cause any loss of auto updates, Win 10 or Microsoft app functionality etc?

I prefer managed open source software, still being kept up to date, like Libre & Thunderbird to name a couple, might that cause a reason for microsoft acount intrusion after startup?

I cannot for the life of me understand why we cannot have an option where the screen initial start up password cannot be poked and peeked for the Microsoft Account password request, they are the same.

Keep on trying, never give in asking!


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When I install any OS I use a local account name password. You can create a new admin account and use if windows lets you user name and password. All the applcation icons will have to be re made on the desktop. Than if the new user is working correctly I think you can remove the old account through the new admin account. If not windows will bark at you. I did this on win 7 due to having a folder that I could not delete.