Microsoft merging Windows Office Live Workspace to Windows Live SkyDrive

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    Microsoft is in the process of merging all Windows Office Live Workspace accounts to Windows Live SkyDrve. Windows Live SkyDrive is a cloud computing storage center for documents and other files, similar to Windows Office Live Workspace. This migration will apparently take place for most Windows Office Live Workspace users over the next 10 days. SkyDrive provides up to 25GB of storage space:

    Your Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta account will soon be moved to Windows Live SkyDrive.

    This upgrade is automatic. If you want to upgrade sooner, you can do so at any time. With your free SkyDrive account you can:
    • Access and share documents and photos from virtually anywhere.*
    • Take advantage of up to 25 GB of storage.
    • Use Microsoft Office Web Apps to view and edit documents within a supported Web browser.*
    To upgrade now, sign in to your Office Live Workspace account using your user name and click Upgrade now when you see the banner pictured below.

    During the upgrade process, your documents and workspaces will be moved to the new service with their sharing permissions intact. Your account remains free.


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