Windows 8 Microsoft: Windows 8 is a "good product"

I agree. Windows 8 is a good product...compared to Windows 3.1, Windows Me, or Vista. Actually I might have to give Vista the edge on that one. As a consultant, I cannot afford to recommend W8. When I recommend something to a business client, they hold me responsible for the result. I can't afford 25 free calls a day where I have to tell someone how to do something they have known how to do since Windows 95.

Consequently, when asked "Should we upgrade?" my answer is no no no! Of course I rarely suggest OS upgrades to businesses anyway. In this case, though, extra emphasis is warranted. With W8, it appears that Microsoft took the least capable platform, the phone, as the basis for a UI. Then they imposed it on desktop and laptop computers.

Face it, guys. Computers...a mature market. Refinements, more speed, more storage, a practical cloud--those are what users want. Instead, they get from Microsoft and Adobe change for the sake of change. Stop defending W8. It was Microsoft's worst idea in a long history of bad ideas. MS has a monopoly on the business and casual consumer PC OS market, and its recent products reflect that.
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