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Windows 8 Migrate Windows 8 to new hard drive.


Senior Member
May 15, 2009
I am thinking about upgrading to new solid state hard drive and would like to migrate my operating system to the new drive without going through all of the hassle of re-installing all of my operating system and data.
Can anyone help with this?

Many new hard drives come with software to do migration easily, you should look for one that comes with such software.
You can use the Ultimate Boot CD and clone your drive using the cloning tools on it. I've used the CopyWipe option on there and it worked really well. The biggest thing to keep in mind with cloning tools is you need to ensure that the partition or drive you are cloning to is the same (or larger) size than your existing partition or drive. For example, if you have a 750GB drive now that you are going to clone to the new SSD, the SSD needs to be the same size or larger. If you're going to do a dual boot scenario, the new partition needs to be the same size as the existing drive/partition. Another tip, if you are going to a new machine, find the drivers for it and install them on your existing system, this way you minimize any issues after the cloning is done.
Thanks all for the help. I bought a Samsung SSD 840 250gb today and it came with the mounting brackets and Data Migration Software included in the box.
The Data Migration software cloned the data from old hard drive to the new SSD drive and it worked like a champ.
I was up and running in about 30 min.