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I don’t have Windows 7 yet but when I do install it, I want to put it on an ‘oldish’ machine. Is there a site showing minimum specifications?

Thank you.
I think you will not find any requiments for a beta version of windows but I read that asus will use win7 on there EEEpc touchscreen version.
.and if asus use the same mainboard the specs could be :
- 1.6-2Ghz ATOM maybe a dualcore
- Intel GMA 950
Thank you for replying.

I knew there wouldn’t be an official site but I thought perhaps someone may had run some comparisons with XP, Vista, etc.

If your Asus information is correct, I should be able to use an XP machine that I used for Vista testing. The graphics card wasn’t spot on for Aero but it should just about be adequate.
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver for Windows 7

I have just installed 7 on my laptop after uninstalling Vista. Later, I ran the Driver CD from my laptop manufacturer and all but bluetooth stack by Toshiba and HD audio Driver from RealTek installed. Realtek Tray Icon showed, but when I clicked it, it said the Driver is meant only for Vista, and directs me to their site for another Driver. The audio works fine, but with a bit less clarity. Can anyone suggest a site for the correct driver?
Hi All,

Newbie here, trying to experience win7. Coming from winxp, (no vista for me) i'd say that build 6956 (1 day use so far) is more stable than 6801 (which ran for 2 weeks), and both are way over the top of winxp.

A pleasant surprise that win7/6956 is running very well with my early stock eeepc 1000h without mods to date. Most winxp drivers appear to be compatible, except one, the ACPI driver which caused error messages to appear, stating that so-and-so files are not running. Errors disappeared after replacing the ACPI driver with one borrowed from eeepc s101.

Having no vista experience, i found the aero concept awesome and very nice to look at. Need a lot of time to understand and delve deep into the workings of the os. So far, i have not experienced freezing of the os, although i did find a few winxp apps that did not work at all.

I think there will be no looking back for me. Will just leave winxp with my other pentium m laptop. So far so good, will be awaiting the next win7 builds.

Microsoft has sent out some press notices that if your computer works on Windows VISTA it more than likely will work on Windows 7. I know it works with on 512 mb memory cause one of my machines has only that much. It also has a Celeron M inside Processor. However it runs very very slow so I would recommend something higher than that if you can provide it.

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I have it running on an ancient system Athlon 1GHz, 1Gig ram with GeForce 256mb video card. It runs well. With build 6801 the system would occassionally freeze completely. With build 6956, while I don't get those solid freezes, sometimes, not very much, the browser would not advance but yet the mouse has movement. But this is rare.
I'm still thinking the minimum requirements will be less then that of Windows Vista... I guess we'll have to wait and see for sure but I mean there's alot of people that have already confirmed Win 7 works on "oldish" systems.. some of which Vista wouldn't even boot on so... ;)
I almost doubt the fact that we'll get real world system requirements. I think MS will make them the same as Vistas, to avoid anyone saying "See? Vista was a resource hog" or something to the like.
I almost doubt the fact that we'll get real world system requirements. I think MS will make them the same as Vistas, to avoid anyone saying "See? Vista was a resource hog" or something to the like.
I think this is the case too. It would just be stupid if they made requirements completely different to Vistas
I think 1GB should be the minimum. Vista's minimum was 512MB. I'm running Win 7 6801 right now, and it's kind of slow, though still usable. But if they force the vendors to use 1GB, then everyone will have a better experience using Windows 7.
I think that was part of the problem with Vista - too many people running it on under powered systems. Win 7 needs less powerful systems as it runs faster than Vista on my ancient 1GHz 1Gb ram system. It is actually usable.
aero in win7 6956 is only using 400mb.... on my p4-2.8ghz / 1.5gb ram
I was gaming online last night & it reached 750mb....
I turned win7 to the classic mode & it uses 330-360mb....
& with gaming made it 659mb to be exact....

minimum requirements I would say will be 512mb...
should be lower....but as the recommended requirements should be about 1gb of ram..

gives enough room to shuffle around some programs in aero..

but yea...I gotta say that vista is a resource hog
it was hard for my system to run aero on vista...but not in win7

lol...& on a side note... running win7 6801 with practicly almost all services turned off....(made no errors)
but was unable to connect to the internet..
I got it down to using

(decided to do that before I was going to re-format)
I was able to run the 6801 64 bit in a P4 2.8GHz with 512MB and a GeForce FX5200. Need for Speed Underground plays very well but Flight Simulator X was somewhat slow, with lower settings it played better. The only thing that is flawed until now is the driver of the sound device (AD1888 in a P4VD1-X motherboard) that doesn´t work using the Windows XP-64 drivers from the ASUS website. :frown:
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit from Win Xp Pro, using the same hardware that I used to build new PC for XP back in 2008 so the hardware is fairly new.

My Hardware Specifications for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

So far performance of this hardware has been extremely solid with Windows XP Pro as well as Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I do plan on upgrading the memory to 8GB, add another 500GB hard drive in mirror RAID-01 and upgrade the CPU to something current from AMD.

I am not sure how my Dell Inspiron 1501 with 2GB RAM is going to perform with Windows 7 ultimate?
I have two old spare machines (5 year old+) both running windows 7 quite happily, the specs they have are socket 478 i865 chipset, Nvidia 6600 and 6800 respectively, both have 2 gig pc3200 ram, and ones a celeron 2ghz the other being p4 Prescott 3ghz....neither have issues running with the full aero features...although they are not longer gaming pcs so can't speak for that side of things, web games and office apps work fine etc.