Windows 7 More troubles with KOTOR

I just recently got a new computer and installed windows 7 on it but i couldn't install KOTOR on it untill i looked in the forums and found a solution but now I have another problem because I can only play it for 5 minutes or less before it stops responding... what's going on?

Running Alienware Area-51 X58 desktop, Dual nvidia geforce gts 250 graphics, 3TB HDD, 12 GB RAM, Intel core i7 processor, liquid cooled, and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

i got kotor 2 to work on windows 7. you need to set the swkotor.exe file to windows xp sp2 compatibility mode and also run it as an administrator. also check your graphics card drivers to make sure they are the latest graphics version. this is the same problem i had until i updated to the latest drivers.

I've already tried all of that and it still doesn't work.

ok. have you replaced the mss32.dll file? you can do that by going to the following address.: TSL Windows Vista Fix, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Downloads, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Patches
here is a link to complete instructions as to fix the windows 7 fix. many people have used it and it works. these are the instructions i used. use the following address: KOTOR 1+2: Vista Fix & Windows 7 Report - LucasForums

one quick thought. you need to go into windows explorer and right click on the setup.exe file and go to the compatibility tab and set it to be run as compatible with windows xp sp2 and also check the box to run it as an administrator. the above link (KOTOR 1+2: Vista Fix & Windows 7 Report - LucasForums) has step by step instructions on how to do all that. the reason it doesnt work is because the main setup files arent being copied to where they need to be. the windows 7 user account control is blocking access to the areas that kotor 2 need.
oh and make sure you install the latest directx 9.0c, because directx 11 is not backwards compatible with older versions of directx. the link to download the latest directx 9.0c link is here: Download DirectX Redistributable August 2009 9.27.1734 - A very useful application for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements - Softpedia

I've already done all that and I even just did it again and it still does the same thing although I did make it longer before it crashed this time.

hmmm. interesting. is it possible that your disc has become scratched over time or just gone bad? i would try another disc and see if that's the problem.

have you run kotor on this computer with a different operating system on it? i mean same hardware and everything? the only difference would be the operating system itself. also did you restart the system after updating video card drivers? i know these are simple questions and make people feel stupid but im only making sure you covered all the bases. your operating system may not be installed correctly but that is a rare problem. i would check to make sure your video card is set on your motherboard securely and isn't hanging loose. that can cause problems too.

I looked at what you said and i didn't see any scratches but I ran a polishing cloth over it anyways and it works fine now so I guess it was just a smudge or scratch. Thanks.

no problem. enjoy kotor 2. I know i will!

It's been five months and now its crashing again and I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

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