Ms Storage Spaces Controller driver issuse


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1st time poster here and having an issuse that started about july of last year.
In the meantime I have found a momentary
Solution to my problem but it may last 5min sometimes longer or till the next reboot.

So in July I was still running my Amd 2600x on my Asus rog strix x470 f gaming bios 5204 with a Samsung 970 evo 250gb M.2, 16gb 2x8 g.skill win 10 home Asus and Amd chipset drivers installed.
The issuse is doing benchmarks say on userbench (it's not the only benchmark doing it) the m.2 started showing it was underperforming which was really strange because it had always performed above average.
So made sure all windows updates done, updated all drivers I could, ran SFC, DISM, no issuse's there. Went ahead and reset win 10 I do believe at that time it was 1903.

So I done a clean install from ISO on a new Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb M.2.

And the problem still exists now on the same mobo but bios 5406 and running a 3600x now.
What i do that last temporarily that gets the performance back is to update Several Times a day the Ms Storage Spaces Controller driver in device manager.

So why does this have to keep being updated several times to keep performance of the samsung drive when the samsung controller is right there and updating it doesn't change anything.

In Samsung Magician it shows the drive as
Pcie 3x4 gen so it not in the wrong slot or not configed right in bios.
From talking with samsung by phone
They said do a clean install (already been done.)
Or Rma the drive which he thought there is nothing wrong with it with the speeds it's getting when i reupdate the ms str spc controller or it's a win 10 problem.

Any help to solve this issue will be Greatly Appreciated


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To have a storage space you need multiple drives and I only see you mention one drive and you can't install Windows on a storage space. Also since a storage space is similar to a RAID but implemented in software you won't typically get the same performance as you would with a hardware RAID. It's also important to note the advertised drive speeds are "UP TO speed X" and you're not guaranteed to get those max speeds.


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Thank You for responding.
True on drive speeds but as to the drive pool or raid i have never tried doing either.
The system has
1x 970 evo plus 500gb
1x 860 evo 2.5 in sata 250gb
2x Pny cs1311's 120gb sata
Seagate barracuda 3tb 7200rpm spinner
Also took out a crucial mx500 m.2 500gb thinking maybe it might have been part of the issue but that didn't help.

It's very puzzling why reupdating the ms controller several times a day now when i never had to before July of last year.
And mantained better then avg bench on the 970 evo or the new 970+.


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Don't use userbench as it's broken. If you need to test drive speed use crystaldiskmark.


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Well it's not just userbench thats shows ill effects. It's also lower scores on 3dmark firestrike, performance test 9, and as ssd,
But as soon as it shows it I go to dv man and reupdate the ms controller and retest all is good.

I was wandering about userbench and dumped what I had and redownloaded it.


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The storage space controller is only used for storage spaces and should not come into play with non storage space storage access.


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I played with the samsung driver yesterday for a while and at 1 time thought i was going to have to do a clean install again but I got it all back.

Crystal Disk mark is showing good reads /writes over 3500/3200mbs on 1gb test
4gb and 8gb range from 2300 to 2800 /

Maybe userbench done something and this time not very many are complaining about it unlike when they changed the cpu scoring.

Still strange that reupdating th ms controller would raise the score on the m.2's from
236 underperforming to 336 performing above expectations.