Windows 7 My DVD-ROM Drive is disabled in Windows 7?


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When I go to my computer it has a 'BD-ROM Drive' but my DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive does not appear. I tried putting a CD but nothing happens.

Under device manager I have a CD-ROM drive enabled but below that is 'PBDS DVD+-RW DS-8W1P ATA Device which when I click says this device is disabled (Code 22). I try to click 'enable device' but when I go through the troubleshooting wizard is says windows cannot enable the device.

Can anybody help me? I just want to upgrade my Windows 7 Beta 7022 to 7048 but can't do it without my CD-Rom drive.

I want to get his fixed but if I cant would I be able to upgrade Windows 7 from Vista (I'm running a dual-boot) or will that write over my Vista partition?