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Discussion in 'Live RSS Feeds' started by News, Jul 23, 2013.

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  2. PhyllisColeman

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    i have read the review but it is not as deep as i was expecting though forms a good base for its lovers about whether to make a right start
  3. Gary McPherson

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    Jul 9, 2013
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    Having used Windows 8.1, I have to say John is correct from a Windows 7 user perspective. For us who had Windows 8 thrust upon them via new hardware it is a definite improvement. I attempt to stay away from third party apps at the OS level as much as possible, especially when a newish OS has been released. It just makes it tougher to track down bugs and incompatibility. Really the best solution for folks, if you can, is to downgrade. The only caution I have there is make sure you have all the Windows 7 drivers from your vendor before you do. The good news is that most vendors are providing these drivers now, even for new hardware. Microsoft's bottom line is hit hard by the lack of Windows 8 support. If it continues they will wake up with regard to the desktop. I don't expect Windows 8 to go away, nor should it for the mobile world. I would not be surprise however to find Microsoft running "Windows Desktop" for their next major release, and renaming Windows 8 to "Windows Mobility".
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    Jul 21, 2013
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    I don't think there is anything special enough in Win 8.x that would compell me to install Win 8.x on a machine that is already running Win 7 but it isn't nearly bad enough that I would consider downgrading a machine to Win 7 that came with Win 8 pre-installed.

    I recently purchased a new laptop that came with Win 8 (no gimmicky touchscreen) and it works very well and I have no issues with it. I am not a fan of the Start screen and truly dislike "Modern" apps so I am content to spend 99% of my time working from the Win 8 desktop. All of the software I use on my Win 7 machine installs and runs without issue in Win 8. I don't need the crutch of the Start button so I don't miss it at all (rarely use it in Win 7). There are too many other ways to access my installed programs (shortcuts on desktop, toolbars, Quicklaunch, pin to Taskbar) to bother with a Start button.

    I personally don't understand the hatred for Win 8. For those that like using the Start screen and modern apps they can do that, for those that don't, there is the desktop. Now if MS had completely removed the ability to reach the desktop and prevented me from running legacy Windows software then I would reject Win 8 completely but since we have the choice of using one or the other or a mix of both, where is the issue?
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    My one regret is that Windows 8 completely broke FRAPS, which in my opinion, was easily the best screen recorder for Windows.
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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I work with a desktop and a touchscreen hybrid. On the desktop I stay on the desktop most of the time. On the hybrid I stay on the start screen most of the time.

    I also don't understand this hatred of 8. Desktop works fine to me.

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