Windows 7 Nero 9 anyone?


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Anyone try installing this yet and using it on W7 ofcourse?

Im installing as i type this but it seems to be taking forever to install.
I'm using Nero 8. It works great in Win 7.

I've resisted the urge to try version 9.

Nero has always been a bit of a dog when I comes to installing and especially updating it.
Updates involve replacing the existing install with the updated one. I have had failures of one sort or another
while updating Nero over the years. They have gotten better with each version but it still a chore to perform updates.

It doesn't surprise me it's taking awhile to install Nero 9.

Having said that, I very much like Nero, it works great for "burning" .iso's, I've been using a paid version since v 6.

I'm even using a licensed version in Linux (NeroLinux 3).
Thanks for quick reply!

Yea its a great program, like no other, i think they are getting a little to deep into other things like Symantec did with Norton though.

Im not kidding here, it took approx 1/2 hour to install a trial version of Nero 9. Finally done! Seems to be working good with Windows 7 right now though.