Netgear FR114P print server with win7 x64

I just installed (clean on new HDD) win 7 x64. The computer is now dual boot with win7 x86.

the problem is that my printer, HP laserjet 4000, will not work through the netgear print server under x64.

It works fine on 2 other computers, laptop with win 7 x86 and old HP vectra under XP pro, as well as the main computer, dell xps420< under win 7 x86.

The FR114P printer port will not install on the x64 system.

The problem makes the x64 system totally unsuitable for my work.

Netgear says that the problem is with the 64 bit driver but that doesn't sound right as their addport and port monitor programs don't install.

has anyone else had this problem?


Thanks Drew,

I am doing as you suggest but am having trouble removing the universal driver that I had tried earlier. I'll keep at it and then try installing as per you instructions.

One thing that I noticed in the x64 printer page that is different from the x86 one is the absence of the print server properties listing on the top.

Also where can I access the port settings & properties?



I'm missing the details on Drew's suggestions. DanaW or Drew could you please fill in the details. I have an i7 win x6 and FP114P. I cannot get printer working - can't see port or device. Cannot connect to printer through another pc (xp) either.

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