Windows 7 Network Problem after Sleep mode


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Apr 8, 2009
Hi everybody,

i am expiriencing some network problems after awaking my computer from the sleep mode.
The Notification Area Icon of the network connection displays warning. So i have no access to the network, even if i wait for 5 minutes. To get access to the network again, i have to enter "Network and Sharing Center" --> "Change adapter settings" --> right click on "Local Area Connection" and choose DISABLE, then again ENABLE. Voila, within a second, the network conneciton is ON again.

I am using Windows 7 Build 7068.

Does anyone expierience the same problem?
Is there a solution for it?
If there is no solution, i would like to create a batch script, which includes a command to first disable and then enables the adapter. But i don't find a command to handle this adapter. (like the "wf.msc" for the Windows Firewall).
I would be glad if anyone can help me.
Perhaps, without overcomplicating the isuue at this stage, you should open your device manager.
Right click your Network adapter and properties. Tab along to "Power management". and UNTick the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" - Could be the only problem?
thanks davehc.

the reason i did not try this before was WOL. Because i use this feature very often and i thought by uncheck this option will disable WOL.
Anyway, as you said in your reply to uncheck this option i thought "give it a try".
Nice, the problem seemed to be solved after 2 tests. But i was expecting WOL to fail by now.
But hey, after the shutdown i tried to deliver a magic packet to kick the computer's a** and whoaa it seems to be magic ;)
Very glad all works fine now, thanks again for your support!

An onboard card with my Gigabyte motherboard: Realtek 8111C/DL chip (10/100/1000 Mbit).

But mine does not correct itself from DISABLE/ENABLE, it requires I DIAGNOSE the problem after about 3 minutes of idle. Otherwise it just doesn't detect a network and sits there with the yellow icon.
I have the same problem and I haven't found any solutions to it. Funny thing is that it happens both after sleep and hibernation.
It doesn't help if I:
- disable/enable nic x times
- power off router ( I bought new router, but problem still exists)
- turn off computer, problem exists over night
- apply static IP
- try IPCONFIG all under cmd - it will crush

Computer detects unidentified public network which has no internet connection. It keeps jumping between Home network (correct one) and this unidentified network.
I am using Win 7 Pro and my nic is Realtek 8167 pci gbe
Event log shows I haven't got correct IP
Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category
Error 1.02.2011 20:36:11 Tcpip 4199 None The system detected an address conflict for IP address with the system having network hardware address 00-11-F5-2A-83-D4. Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result.
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