New Guy here, help needed

Hello everyone,

I am a new guy here. I am to post here my BSOD problems but I can't seem to create the needed files as instructed from SF Diagnostics Tool. Every time I press a button, an Unhandled exception, could not find file C:\XXX.txt, always occurs except for the "System Information" button.

I tried searching but could not find any similar problem encountered from the tool.

Thanks for the help.

By the way, if I am in the wrong forum, kindly move it to the correct one

Captain Jack

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Hello and Welcome to W7F !

I'm the developer of that tool. Have you Right Click on the Tool and Run as administrator. Because the Tool need full admin right to process those files. Try that and see if that works. Post us back the results.

Hello Captain Jack,

Sorry I was out of town for the past two days, was able to run the tool just recently.

The 8 buttons of the tools copied files successfully, but from your guide, it says that "go to your desktop --> Right Click on "Seven Forum" folder". Apparently, I don't see any Seven Forum folder in my desktop.

Would you kindly tell the default path the files were copied to? or what are the file names of the generated files so I can just search for it.

Thank you very much

Captain Jack

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Hi there,

It's supposed to go under %homepath%\desktop go to Start | Run | and type in this path and click OK

Unfortunately, there are no new files under that path...

I really wanted my BSOD problems be solved, but I can't even finish the first step T_T

Hello Captain Jack,

Luckily I tried the diagnostic tool again and a replace confirmation prompted, I was able to see the path of the generated files.

The directory IS located at the desktop, but Windows explorer could not see it directly unless the path was manually input in command prompt or explorer.

Thank you for the help, I will be posting my BSOD problem soon

btw, I do not know how to close a thread, any kind moderator can help me, thanks

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