Windows 7 New RAM Chip Gives around .3GB more usable rather than ~2GB?


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This week, I cracked open my computer and installed another RAM chip EXACTLY like the one I had in before (from an identical, untouched computer). They're both 2GB. I started with ~1.9GB usable ram, and only jumped to 2.2GB usable RAM with the new chip. Is there any way to figure out why exactly this is happening?

Windows 32x Home Professional (yes, I know this can only hold 4GB ram, but it should have around 3.5GB usable.)
AMD A10-5800K with built in graphics
No GPU since the integrated graphics are better than the old GPU

Other hardware information can be given if necessary. A screenshot is attached to show what I mean. Thanks!


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Go into Device manager, right click on the built-in video card and go to properties. Under the Adapter tab it should show you how much shared memory your system is using for video. This may be part or all of the "missing ram" You can also look in task manager, you will see a hardware or system reserved.
I'm not sure if I made this completely clear, but I do not have an actual GPU installed. I'm running my computer with my processor's integrated graphics only.

If you did realize that, and I'm clicking in the right place, there is no "Adapter" tab in the properties. I'm checking under "Display adapters" and going into my built in Radeon graphics properties. I do get the four tabs "General", "Driver", "Details", and "Resources", though none of those show my memory sharing.
Every computer has an on-board GPU and those that are built-in will dedicate memory from your system since they don't have their own.