Windows 7 New Remote desktop improvements...

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I like the bi directional audio among others...if they could work on local printing. I've set it up before but its kind of a pain.
Hi there.

Before you all get to excited about this remember that the "Home Premium" version of Windows 7 when it gets shipped WON'T HAVE THE RDP SERVER in it so you won't be able to connect to a home computer remotely using your laptop / work computer unless you have at least the Professional Version installed on the remote machine.

Why on Earth RDP should be hobbled on "Home Premium" is beyond me -- there's hardly a household on the planet these days that just have ONE computer -- networking is just as much a part of a HOME system as in the Workplace -- even simple "Mom and Pop" systems can share a printer etc etc.

So Microsoft PLEASE ADD RDP to home premium version -- No RDP server -- then it's a TOTAL showstopper for me.

(Of course you could buy the Professional version etc -- that depends on the pricing of course -- but if you BUY a computer it will presumably come with W7 Home premium installed on it).