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New Task Manager In Windows 8


New Member
Jul 7, 2009
It feels only natural that Microsoft continues updating core Windows modules and programs which they have started under Windows 7. It is safe to say that additional modules and features will be updated. One of the latest that we know of is the Windows Task Manager which will get a complete overhaul.

There are currently two images available of the improved Windows Task Manager which you find below.

The first screen shows the dashboard of the Advanced Task Manager. It displays the cpu, memory, network and disk load in graphs. Tabs are available that lead to the process and service listing.

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The second screenshot shows the Modern Windows Task Manager which lists the programs, startup items and users.

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It is not clear why we see two different task managers at the moment. It could be that Microsoft is experimenting with different versions of the task manager at this point in time.

The different program classifications will make it easier to distinguish core system processes from background programs and applications that have been started by the user.

The interface appears touch friendly as well, with little test and big icons. Some users have mentioned that this could be indeed the task manager for Windows 8′s touch edition, while the other could be the replacement for the standard task manager.

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