Newly Installed App Doesn't Appear in Program Files


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Never saw this happen before. I downloaded an app from iolo (PC cleaner free) and following the installation a shortcut appeared on my desktop, which seemed normal. Clicking on the shortcut ran the app OK, but I noticed the app doesn't show up in the program files, or anywhere else on my computer. I wonder how the shortcut worked without an associated program file? Anyhow, the whole thing got me spooked and I deleted the shortcut thereby killing the program. Has anyone seen this happen before? Just curious since I won't download it again as I'm already using Glary Utilities.


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Applications can install in two modes. System and User. System applications will typically install in one of the two Program File directories. User (there will be no UAC) will install directly in your user profile. C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\<local\roaming>\<company>\ApplicationName