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Today's commercial project shows off just how powerful the Kinect really can be...


For the past year I’ve been developing an application called NextStage. NextStage turns the Kinect V2 into a realtime virtual production camera, by tracking retroreflective markers in a scene.

More information can be found at and in the video below:

This is full 6 degree of freedom tracking running in realtime. Compared to the 6 dof tracking in Kinect fusion, it does take more time to set up the markers. However it can track over flat surfaces, is less processor intensive and doesn’t require a powerful GPU like fusion, can handle fast motion, dynamic objects in the scene, and doesn’t have the same drift errors that fusion can have.

I know people don't normally post their applications on this form, but I think there are some features relevant to Kinect developers and enthusiast.

There are two versions of NextStage, and NextStage Pro can stream the tracking data out to other applications using the OSC framework. This stream includes the Kinect’s position in meters, quaternion rotation, euler rotation, and the Kinect timestamp. Since multiple applications can access the Kinect at once, you can run NextStage in the background and stream the data out to your own Kinect project.

The marker sets that NextStage uses to track markers can also be shared between installations of NextStage. This can be used to very quickly calculate the difference in position and rotations between multiple Kinects.

I’ve been developing this application pretty much in a vacuum, but I’m very excited to finally get it out into the world. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


- Realtime Camera Tracking

When combined with infrared or retroreflective markers, NextStage is capable of instantly and accurately tracking position and rotation in 3D space.

- Instant Matchmoving

6DOF tracking lets users easily combine live action footage with virtual objects and sets, without the need for tedious frame-by-frame post processing.

- Depth-based Keying

Separate live action subjects from the background in realtime. Depth mattes let users place live action people or subjects on a virtual set without the need for green screen.

- Creative Effects

Depth mattes can be used as an instant, high quality garbage matte for green screen footage, or to quickly rotoscope actors and objects.

- HD Capture

Capture uncompressed RGBA footage in 720p with NextStage Lite, or sync tracking data to an external camera with NextStage Pro.

- Flexible Workflows

NextStage Pro lets users export 30hz tracking data to sync external cameras and devices at 24, 25 and 30 frames per second.

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