NIC Issues with Lenovo SL500


I am currently running Windows 7 RC Candidate (v.7100--32 bit). I am having some strange issues recently pop up with the use of my Realtek RTL8168C gigabit NIC Card. I have been running this O/S withhout issues for the last 3 months. But just recently I have had connection issues.

What will happen is when I plug into an ethernet connection the adapter will read and know that I am connected but I won't be able to acess the internet. The network and sharing center won't even recognize that it is there as it keeps trying to get me to connect wirelessly. The weirdest part of it all is that about 5 minutes after I plug in I suddenly become connected via the Ethernet. So I am very confuzzled.

I have already turned off all power management options for the device. I have tried updating and rolling back my drivers on numerous occasions. And windows repair simply tells me their "might" be a problem when I try to use the repair function. I have noticed that this happens when I come out of sleep mode. Because the other day when I had a connection I decided to re-boot to see what would happen, and lo and behold it connected just fine and their was no issue. Even when I go into hibernation it does the same thing.

HELP! I have exhausted nearly every option I can think of.

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