Windows 7 nLite for installing Windows 7?


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Has anyone used nLite to install Windows 7 and strip it of some of the components?

I'm about to do a clean install of a newer build.

Thanks for any help you can give.
It would have to be vLite, nLite is XP.
& it probably wouldn't work for the most part anyways, as a lot of the pathways and services are different in 7 than Vista.
I don't think it will take long for vLite to catch up and work with Windows 7 once it's in final form... ;) I use nLite all the time but have very little experience with vLite.. but I have to say what a great couple of apps!.. I love being able to strip the XP installation down to bare minimum and have it included exactly what I want it to.. :) Same with Vista.. Kudos to the fine people that created these apps..
Hey Radenight,

Somebody posted in another question and stated they used vLite to install and strip out components of Windows 7, but people questioned him about how he did it and he never replied back.

Maybe a little fib on his part?

By the way, got it downloaded and burned.
I saw that too reghakr... I thought the same thing but didn't say anything.....

Glad to hear it... ;) Let me know how ya make out with the install...
Install went perfectly. OH man, is this ugly:D

Well, not really, but it sure needs some tweaking.

It booted super fast, but then again I didn't install any anti-virus , spyware, or my personal firewall yet.

I installed on my cheap $399.00 E-Machine and my performance rating was the same as before, a 3.0, where the graphics performance was the worst of them all.

I'll be playing with it and capturing all changes by using my Regshot program. You might want to look inro Regshot, here's a basic rundown:

RegShot is a small registry compare utility that allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes or installing a new software product. The changes report can be produced in text or HTML format and contains a list of all modifications that have taken place between snapshot1 and snapshot2. In addition, you can also specify folders (with sub filders) to be scanned for changes as well.

What can I do with REGSHOT?
- Windows itself or some system-optimize program may change your registry,you might wonder what they have done?
- Many suspicious programs left trashes in your registry or in the file system,all those are done without notification!

RegShot can trace what they have done and clean the Mark they left!
You can use Link Removed due to 404 Error to help undo the entries

You can download it here:
|MG| RegShot 1.8.2

With this program and Sysinternals Process Monitor I was able to locate hidden tweaks and policies in the registry. That's how I gained my knowledge of the registry.

Actually, before Vista came about, I used to use Sysinternals Regmon and Filemon
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Very good to know! I'll definitely be looking into that app.. thanks for the info reghakr! :) Sounds like my kind of app...
I saw a reference on a Torrent to a Windows 7 "Lite" version. Whilst not per se advocating the use of torrents you could "use this for learning and training purposes". :razz::razz:

See what's been removed in the "Lite" version (don't install it -- you can mount an ISO -- preferably in a Virtual Machine so if there are any trojans etc they won't effect your Physical machine) . Then using Vlite strip out similar components from your "Official" version.

Actually I rather like the idea of a "Lite" version myself - especially for a laptop.
I'd certanly like to strip out all the Multi Media crap for a start.