Windows 7 Not One Game Works right


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No Game will work on my Win 7.

I tried:

1. Assasins Creed

2. Fear

3. Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars

in all 3 Games Windows crashes Completly after about 20 minutes.

Screens went black and tthe sounds going mad.

My System:
Win 7 RC 64 bit
8600 GT GeForce 1024 MB
2 Gig memory
6000+ Dual Core

I Already tried diffrent drivers for Graphics card.

Nothing works.

Please Help


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It's the drivers

I can run FEAR, FEAR 2, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4 and just about any other game i've tried until i updated drivers for my video card( i run 2 8600GT in sli) when i updated the drivers it started crashing. So i went back to 185.81 nd it runs good now. You could give it a try. Good luck.:)


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You know I get this same problem while playing Mass Effect. I just upgraded to a geforce 9600 GT and I've got the latest drivers... the possible fix here is switching to old drivers? Could it be anything else, because I was crashing with Warhammer Online until I upgraded the drivers which fixed the problem for that?


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The Problem is back.....after exactly 11 minutes the Computer crashed completly....a few days ago it worked the mean time i didnt changed a bit....IDEAS?


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I think a lot has to do with hardware compatibility. I was running the 32 bit version with as many of the drivers updated to the 7 version as are available, but still ran into one problem after another. Since the machine I was running it on is archaic by PC standards (Athlon XP 2800, nVidia 7800 AGP card (the horror!), and a Soundblaster Live! Value card) I can only attribute others' success at installing and running some of the very same games I cannot run as being hardware related.

For example, the Sounblaster Live! cards are not supported by Windows 7, but the were by WIndows XP. Games that required a soundcard be installed ran fine on XP, but not 7 because it does not recognize the card is there. Other issues I believe are related to the fact that my graphic are being piped through an AGP card. Vista doesn't like AGP cards much, and 7 not at all, but it does recognize it and allow it to function, albeit at a performance hit.
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So, maybe we hust have to wait for an update or the final version of Win 7.
Im pretty sure the will fix these problems in some time dont you guys?


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I have an idea....

I tested the folowing:

A lot of diffrent drivers.

System crash was between 7 and 11 minutes.
Note: The Computer was already running for a few hours.

After a fresh start in the Morning I was able to play for about 40 minutes.

Maybe its not a driver problem but a problem with overheating during gaming?