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    When I open the Task Manager and look at the number of "Processes" at the bottom left-hand corner, it says that I have approximately 75 processes running (on average). Is this amount too high?

    My Windows XP desktop only has around 30 processes running (on average).
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    It is not unusual to have 70 or 75 running processes (right now I have 71), whose number depends on how many programs and their services are running in the background. Some programs have more than one process.

    If you type the process name into google, you'll come up with all kinds of sites that will tell you what the process is and what program it belongs to.

    System processes never have capital letters in their names.


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    My hard disk is well loaded with my own software, yet I only have 42 processes running. But your figure depends on what you use and how you use it, of course.
    But you may be able to help yourself, and improve your OS.
    Open Msconfig and look under the saratup tab. A lot of third part apps automatically put their software in here, when it is not needed. Small items such as Quicktime: itunes: Adobe. will run on demand, and do not need to be resident. There are also several software items that update on a schedule. It is up tp you whether you wish to allow this, as it will delay the initial start of such programs. Java, for example, will be one you can see.

    If in doubt, give us a screen shot and we will advise what you can eliminate.
    Fwiw, I only have one program starting in that window - my anti malware, MSe.
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