OBS Streaming in Low quality


I just strated streaming games but my OBS doesn't even let me stream games better at 720p. The resolution is 720p but the output is like 360p. Which is outrageous, is there any solution?

Things i use:
OBS (Stream Elements)

PC specs:
CPU: i5 (2nd Gen)
Storage: 2TB
Graphics Card: 2GB ATI Radeon
Internet: 20mb (1mb/sec download)

How am i streaming:
I'm casting Xbox screen to my PC (via Xbox companion app on windows) then streaming it. I get high quality on my screen but the stream is lagging as well as killing the quality on output only.


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It's your PC hardware....it's a big bottleneck. You need a minimum of a 4Gb GPU and at least a 4th gen CPU if going intel.
Scroll down 3/4 of the page to the requirements.

That said, check your mobo for any driver updates/chipset and possibly a BIOS update that may have fixes and improvements that may help alleviate some of the load you're experiencing. I say it may help.