October 2016 Website Updates and Changes


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Hello! You may think that September was a slow month, but that was not the case! In fact, here on the forum, so many changes were made, it was hard to keep posting them all!
  • We are aggressively using PHP 7.1 release candidate and will be updating it until its release. This should result in a drastic speed performance.

  • Litespeedtech web server enterprise, which drives our website serving, was upgraded.

  • We updated from Linux 3 to Linux 4. In fact, we updated several times, and now use 4.8.1-1.

  • Many code improvements were made, including changes to elasticsearch.

  • Our mobile apps were updated and the Android version is currently back in beta. To try out the Android beta on your phone or tablet, click here.

  • There is a dark theme for the website that can be used for people who don't like bright websites.

  • RSS feeds now have more adequate descriptions and parsed BBcode (bulletin board code) to make it easier to read in feed readers and search engines.

  • In anticipation of XenForo 2.0, we are on a feature freeze as of this month. Regular (and irregular!) maintenance of the website will always continue.
More updates for October will be published below. Thanks!

The main server has been rebooted several times since this was posted for operating system kernel updates.
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