Oh boy, Installed win7 in two different partitions


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Good evening everyone.

The Conundrum: I want all my windows 7 programs on one partition. The partition where windows 7 installed is to small and won't allow me to upload any other programs. So now I can not download updates or anything because the partition is full.

Boring background information: I have some computer experience. Can do basic things soooo I thought "Windows 7 sounds good, maybe I'll upgrade." I have windows Vista home premiume 64 bit on my 4 month old computer, decided to upgrade to windows 7. Had to do the clean install. That all went to the D: partition, which is now completly full. I thought (in my non-computer mind) Maybe I can reinstall on C: partition which I tried but only got partialy completed before it froze up. Now I have an incomplete windows 7 in the C: partition, where there is lots of room, and a complete one in the D: partition where it is completly full. I thought about expanding the D: partition but that would wipe out everything on the C: partition (since I would have to delete that first) Now I am not sure, suggestions??


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You could use something like Link Removed - Invalid URL. Make a recovery disc from that or USB and boot from it. Then you can delete D and expand C into the free space. It will take a while as it will move all the data from C to where D was originally but it should work no problem. You may have boot issues when you restart because likely D was used as your 'boot' partition, but using your W7 disc you can repair any boot issues automatically.

Good luck :)