MUSIC On Battleship Hill - PJ Harvey - With Lyrics

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    On Battleship Hill - PJ Harvey - Album: Let England Shake) (Recorded in a Dorset church) (This song is so Kate Bushesque... and the song "England" is Bjorkesque. I'm loving this woman all over again!).

    The scent of Thyme carried on the wind,

    stings my face into remembering

    cruel nature has won again.

    On Battleship Hill's caved-in trenches,

    a hateful feeling still lingers,

    even now, 80 years later.

    Cruel nature.

    Cruel, cruel nature.

    The land returns to how it's always been.

    Thyme carried on the wind.

    Jagged mountains, jutting out,

    cracked like teeth in a rotten mouth.

    On Battleship Hill I hear the wind,

    Saying "Cruel nature has won again."

    Cruel nature has won again.
    Cruel nature has won again.

    Cruel nature has won again.

    There's a short article that I like here:

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