NEWS On the frontline in Sierra Leone as Ebola virus spreads


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A smooth tarmac road runs through the middle of Kigbal village. On the east side of it, perhaps thirty children stand clustered in the shade.
"We came to this side to be safe," says 14-year-old Mabinti Kamara, glancing at the mud homes across the road and a dark silhouette beneath a tree.
"A lot of people died there. They took my father away. I don't know what happened to him," she says.
I ask the children to raise their hand if they've lost their parents to Ebola. In silence, almost every child puts both hands in the air. Several of them look feverish.
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“Start Quote
I am afraid of her. I cannot touch her”
End Quote Momo Sessey Kigbal villager
Struggling local health officials now describe Kigbal as "the epicentre" of a new surge of Ebola infections in this region about 4 hours drive north of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown.
Some 30 villagers - ten percent of the population- have died in recent days :eek:

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