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On This Day in History: Friday, Nov 25, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1835, Andrew Carnegie, steelman and librarian.
--> 1846, Carry Nation, scourge of barkeepers and drinkers.
--> 1960, John F. Kennedy Jr. Son of President JFK and Jacklin Onassis.
--> 1972, Christina Applegate.
On This Day in History: Monday, Nov 28, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1950, Ed Harris, actor, Apollo 13.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1520, Magellan begins crossing the Pacific Ocean.
--> 1776, Washington and his troops cross the Delaware River.
--> 1895, America's auto race starts; 6 cars, 55 miles, winner averages a blazing 7 MPH.
--> 1954, Enrico Fermi, inventor of the atom bomb dies.
On This Day in History: Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1667, Jonathan Swift, satirist, wrote "Gulliver's Travels."
--> 1810, Oliver Fisher Winchester, rifle maker.
--> 1835, Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain.
--> 1874, Winston Churchill, patriot, Prime Minister.
--> 1924, Allan Sherman
--> 1924, Shirley Chisholm
--> 1929, Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand, man that just won't age.
--> 1947, David Mamet, writer, director.
--> 1952, Mandy Patinkin, actor, Princess Bride.
--> 1965, Ben Stiller, actor.
22 December 1997

An independent inquiry into the BSE "disaster" and the devastation it wreaked on British farming has been announced by the government.
Agriculture Minister Jack Cunningham said the BSE inquiry would be led by Judge Lord Justice Phillips who has a year to complete the investigation.
Describing the BSE crisis, he said: "It has been, literally, a disaster." The inquiry would be far-ranging covering the BSE crisis' origins and the way in which authorities responded to it and the development of its human equivalent Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, CJD.

With thanks to the BBC
On this date in 1775, the U.S. Navy was established.
It wasn't until 1797, the first Navy warships were launched;
1. USS United States
2. USS Constellation
3. USS Constitution
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On this day in history...
  • 1997 Terminator Skynet becomes self-aware
  • 1938: Academy Award nominated actor, Elliott Gould born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1966: The Beatles perform last public concert in Candlestick Park, San Francisco
  • 1975: A star in Cygnus goes nova
  • 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans
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