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    On this Day in History -- August 18

    Famous people born on this day:
    --> 1618, Virginia Dare, first child born in America of English parents.
    --> 1834, Marshall Field, founded a Chicago-based store chain.
    --> 1904, Max Factor Jr., make up artist.
    --> 1922, Shelley Winters, actress.
    --> 1927, Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady.
    --> 1933, Roman Polanski, novelist.
    --> 1936, Robert Redford, actor.
    --> 1969, Edward Norton, actor, "Primal Fear".
    --> 1969, Christian Hawkins, - aka Christian Slater, actor.
    --> 1976, Amaya Valdemoro forward, Houston comets #13.

    Events on this day in history:
    --> 1817, Gloucester, Massachussetts, newspapers carry accounts of a wildsea serpent seen offshore. 3 feet in diameter, 100 feet long.
    --> 1969, People who passed out at Woodstock, realize the festival ended
    yesterday. (Must have been some party!)
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    Great, some more events:

    1812 - "Old Ironsides" (the USS Constitution) won a battle against the British frigate Guerriere east of Nova Scotia.
    1848 - The discovery of gold in California was reported by the New York Herald.
    1856 - The process of processing condensed milk was patented by Gail Borden.
    1909 - The first car race to be run on brick occurred at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
    1917 - Team managers John McGraw and Christy Matthewson were arrested for breaking New York City's blue laws. The crime was their teams were playing baseball on Sunday.
    1934 - Adolf Hitler was approved for sole executive power in Germany as Fuehrer.
    1955 - Severe flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Diane, in the Northeast United States, claimed 200 lives.
    1960 - Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot, was convicted of espionage in Moscow.
    1960 - Two dogs were launched in a satellite into Earth's orbit by the Soviet Union.
    1962 - Homero Blancas shot a 55 at the Premier Invitational Golf Tournament held in Longview, TX. It was the lowest score in U.S. competitive golf history.
    1974 - During an anti-American protest in Nicosia, Cyprus, U.S. Ambassador Rodger P. Davies was fatally wounded by a bullet while in the American embassy.
    1987 - David Horowitz, consumer reporter in Burbank, CA, was held at gunpoint while on camera and forced to read the assailants note. The program went off the air while police removed the gunman.
    1998 - The first piece of the 351 foot bronze statue of Christopher Columbus arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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