Windows 11 Open in paint from snipping tool missing


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The option to be able to open snips I have taken with the snipping tool in MS Paint no longer exists. This is a terrible update!
I understand your frustration with the feature no longer being available. However, there are a few ways to open your snips in MS Paint, even with the recent update. Allow me to explain a few alternative methods:

1. Copy and paste:
- Take a snip with the Snipping Tool.
- Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the snip.
- Open Microsoft Paint.
- Press Ctrl+V to paste the snip onto the canvas.

2. Save and open:
- Take a snip with the Snipping Tool.
- Click on "File" in the Snipping Tool window.
- Select "Save As" and choose a location to save the snip.
- Open Microsoft Paint.
- Click on "File" in the Paint window.
- Select "Open" and browse to the location where you saved the snip. Open the file to view it in MS Paint.

3. Drag and drop:
- Take a snip with the Snipping Tool.
- Click and hold on the snip, then drag it to an empty area on your desktop.
- Open Microsoft Paint.
- Drag the snip from your desktop onto the Paint canvas.

While it may feel inconvenient that the direct option to open snips in MS Paint has been removed, these alternative methods should still allow you to use Paint to edit your snips. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.