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I'm naturally dissappointed that Windows 7 has several issues that no operating system should have. One of the first problems I had was Wordpad, Notepad Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer would get exe has stopped working messages. I found Kodak drivers on my system and deleted them. I still get these. I typed two full pages in notepad last night and went to save it, when the explorer dialog came up as to where to save it it said Notepad has stopped working and I lost everything I typed. No excuse for that. Every time I open a pdf in IE it says Internet Explorer has stopped working over and over. At least I have found two fixes for this. It still happens, but only once per document. I can click on save after the recovering tab message pops up and before the document does. I also got it to load the second time by turning off Windows Experience Indexing in group policies. If any one wants to know how, I read it in a forum, but I'll try to describe what I did. Are there any other advanced features I can turn off in Windows 7 Ultimate 32 that will reduce the number of exe has stopped working errors? I have updated everything and scan for viruses and malware regularly. So many people are having these problems (documented online) that I think it's nothing more or less than too much stuff in Windows 7 conflicting with itself. It would be nice to think that Microsoft will fix this one day, but I'm not holding my breath. paj692:(

It's odd that you are having this many issues with Windows 7.. I've not had any of these problems you speak of and I use Wordpad frequently.. Was your installation an Upgrade or a Clean install? ;)

Clean install.

Other people are okay, but a lot of people online are having these same problems. Just Google exe stopped working and see what I mean. Now if the problem with programs not working when I need them most was that easy to figure out. Wouldn't be so bad, but it's usually a Windows program that does it and not a 3rd party. Some people who get this get it in Vista 32 and 64, but more get it in 7. Running in compatibility mode doesn't work. I'd like to try turning off extra windows 7 crap I don't need and see if the problem goes away. Not sure what that would be though. paj692:confused:

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Let us begin the troubleshooting process, pajerome, and welcome to the forums.

Collecting Information
Have you installed all Windows updates? I'm assuming you have, given the Kodak issue.
Was this an upgrade from Vista?
Is there any third-party software (such as anti-virus and so on which may be slowing things down or causing trouble?)
Do you know how much and what type of memory you are using?

Here is the reason why I am asking these questions. Windows Updates for 7 have resulted in some very significant reliability updates over the last several months. Also, an upgrade from Vista may be causing the system to use compatibility drivers which are impacting the performance and stability of your system. If you are using an anti-virus solution that shipped with your computer or has become relatively obsolete (or just plain sucks), this is something that would start crashing applications.

I also suspect that your problem is either related to faulty drivers, drivers you don't have, or hardware problem related to memory consumption. If you are using an Intel motherboard, you should promptly search google for "Intel INF Update", download that software, run it, and try to update the drivers for your motherboard chipset.

I have not heard of people having a Notepad crash -- therefore the situation must really be bad. Any feedback could help us come to a fix for the problem. System specs, software running in the background, and so on.

I lost my license for Windows 7. It's a long story, so don't ask. Please close this thread.

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